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College Recruiting

'24 commits

Name Committed CollegePositionJersey NumberRed Storm Team NameHigh School
Kennedy StewardWest Virginia StateMiddle Blocker318 National Dunham High School
Sophie BonnaffeeLouisiana State
DS2418 NationalArchbishop Hannan High School

Uncommitted Red Storm Players

Name Graduation YearPositionJersey NumberRed Storm Team NameHigh SchoolHeightApproachLink to Recruitment Pages
Kaylie McKinney2025Middle Blocker1517/18 NationalSt. Joseph's Academy6'0"Youtube
Lauryn Matthews2025Middle Blocker, Right Side Attacker2217/18 NationalUniversity Laboratory School5'119'9''Youtube
Adreana (Adde) Lee2025Right Side Attacker1317/18s NationalCentral High School6’026'' VerticalHudl
Gracie Moore2025Outside Attacker, DS417s/18s NationalUniversity High School5’8Highlight Video
Zhania Lee2025Setter1618 EliteLiberty Magnet High School5’5Hudl
Sophia Tureau2025Setter, DS#217/18 EliteEast Ascension High SchoolInstagram
Courtney Grayson2026Middle Blocker616 EliteEast Ascension High School6’2Instagram
Bella Johnston2026Outside Attacker1216 NationalSt Michael the Archangel6’010' 3"NCSA
Isa Richardson2026Middle Blocker816 NationalThe Dunham School6”1’9’9”Youtube
Field Level
Amyri Robinson2026Outside Attacker, Right Side Attacker2216 National The Dunham School6’010’0Youtube
Field Level
Ava Rodrigue2026DS1316 NationalSt. Michael the Archangel High School5'7"Field Level
Emmy Neumann2026Middle Blocker3816 NationalsSt Joseph’s Academy , Baton Rouge6’9’7”Youtube
Brynne E Rabalais2026Right Side Attacker1016 NationalSt. Michael High School5'9"
Khayren Josey2026Outside Attacker, DS816 EliteSt.Amant Highschool5’88’10Instagram
Baley Madison Williams2026Middle Blocker1216 EliteEast Ascension High School6'16'2Hudl
Kennedi Owens2027Outside Attacker, DS1115 NationalThe Dunham School5’8”
Skylar L.Towner2027Middle Blocker915 nationalSt Michael archangel high5'10
Katherine McDonald2027Right Side Attacker, Setter216 NationalThe Dunham School6’09’6”Instagram
Sofie Guruli2027Setter2115s NationalUniversity Laboratory School5’ 6”